If you looking for a game focusing on the mechanisms of managing your own themepark this game might not be the way to go

User Rating: 6.5 | Theme Park 2001 PS2
Sure you can construct you own themepark, well to be honest I don't know who the hell I was constructing the themeparks for because theres no storyline in this game, I don't know what my position is apart from making sure I get 'golden tickets'.

When starting the game the first thing they did was place me in this themepark which I assumed I had to build into a decent themepark. Fair enough, but really the game fails to movitate you, they just give you golden tickens randomly for goals you complete which you have no idea what they are anyway because they don't tell you apart from the usual three which are; to get enough money, stay in business and attract enough visitors. Then off you go to another themed themepark ofcourse it gets slightly harder as the themeparks go on.

Thats basically all you do! I found this game very boring, as I completed other themeparks it was only then I realised that everything I was doing was EXACTLY the same thing very repetitive! All they do is make it a wee bit harder to make money and change the design of the attractions. When you enter 1st person mode there isn't much to do apart from play the 3 sideshow game available and ride you own costume roller coaster, you can ride the other attractions but thats way boring.

Something I really hated when playing the game was that annoying little bug on the screen, every second he's 'bugging' you about adding more drink and food shops when I already have like 7 of them, its uneccessary! His scottish accent doesn't help either at times it sound like his being rude, and if thats not worst enough. my mailbox is bombarded with emails saying the EXACT same thing which the ant just said! aaargh

-Not only that but also the rides brake every second, and I find it weird that training a mechanic cost more than several rides put together.

-At times I think my park has happy visitors then when I check the stats it just says their average and unhappy.

-You're going to have to save alot in this game because it's packed with glitches! What makes this even worse it how long the loading times is! It's the longest I have ever encountered when playing a game.

This game is obviously aimed at younger audience, those extremely cheesy amd unfunny movieclips when playing themepark is just one indication. But I think that children would find this game quite hard. (Great rollercoaster don't think a kid would be able to build that)

Oh the graphics are really horrible for something on the ps2, but it's managable and looks cute on the eyes for little kids.
Overall an average game. If your abit older let say over 13 this game may seem abit baby-ish and cringey while playing, and if you're looking for a great themepark game which focuses more on managing and maintaining a themepark from top to bottom try something different like thrillville or themepark tycoon because this certainly doesn't.

I used 'check your bargain bin' as the classification as its a nice game if you buy it cheap for like 5 quid or something.