A very average simulation game.

User Rating: 7 | Theme Park 2001 PS2
Theme Park Roller Coaster is a simulation game in which you build your own theme parks complete with rides, shops, roller coasters, etc. It's a port of the PC game, Sim Theme Park and preserves much of the original's gameplay.

You start out with only one park, but you can unlock more (There are 5 in total,. each with a distinct theme, like horror or jungle) by acquiring gold tickets. You get gold tickets by accomplishing certain tasks in your park such as having a certain number of guests or accumulating enough cash. Most goals are pretty easy to meet and I was able to get enough gold tickets to unlock 4 out of the 5 parks in just about 2 hours. Being a simulation game, you'll be charged with constructing elements of your park like rides, shops and side attractions, as well as hiring staff, managing income, and micromanaging. Unlike other similar games like Rollercoaster Tycoon, TPRC allows you to micromanage various aspects of every shop, ride, staff member, or side attraction. For example, you can change the speed, duration and capacity of rides. By changing these values you can change the excitement and reliability of the ride. For example, by increasing speed, you'll make the ride more fun for your guests, but you'll also make it more likely to break down. Similarly, you can adjust things like the quality of the food in your shops and the chance of winning a prize in a side attraction. (You can also play these yourself, though most aren't much fun.)

Visually, the themes of each park come across very clearly, but the actual look and style of the game isn't particularly pleasing. The game is super cartoonish, which doesn't really mesh well with the realistic nature of simulation games. As an added bonus, you can walk around your park in first-person to ride rides and play minigames. Riding rollercoasters can be fun if you've designed it well, but overall this mode is a lot less fun than it sounds.

The music in the game is fine and compliments the different themes well, and the sound effects are also decent.

Overall, Theme Park Roller Coaster comes across as a little underwhelming. The game can be breezed through rather quickly, and although you could spend a lot of time developing your parks, there isn't much reason to.