Can't believe Gamespot for a 5.5 rating. This game is a classic!

User Rating: 9.8 | Theme Hospital PC
This game is one of the best I have ever had a honour to play, the game is about you running hospitals (duh!) you start off in a small hospital, with only a few rooms/facilities available, then, as you progress, new rooms/treatments/facilities become available. the graphics, for it's time, are great, the dialogue in the game is funny, and you can easily get addicted to this game. Emergencies, Epidemics, earthquakes and VIP visits occur frequently. You must deal with VIP visits and emergencies if you accept them, otherwise you will not get a bonus and your reputation will decrease. Soon after a VIP visit or emergency, you wil receive a fax telling you whether the VIP was pleased or not, or how well you coped with the emergency. Soon after meeting the level criteria, you will receive a letter asking if you would like to work in a bigger hospital. However, if you run your hospital poorly, you may lose the game as you appear in some embarrassing situation in a newspaper. Overall, I think this game is excellent, and the gameplay quality is way ahead of it's time.