Despite a few Minor Glitches, this Game is still Great.

User Rating: 9.1 | Theme Hospital PC
I remember this game from 6 years ago. The Splendid levels and the um... 'good-at-that-time' graphics kept me glued to the game.
As a fan of Simulation Gaming, I particularly loved Theme Hospital. I mean, where else can there be a game where you get to boss people around, build complicated stuff and still enjoy a bit of Toilet Humour?
Tutorial included, you'll get started in no time at all.
Like all games, it will get harder and harder. What fun! False Diseases like Bloaty Head, Transparency and Slack Tongue are fun to watch get diagnosed and cured! The feel of customer satisfaction is there. Helipad Emergencies, earthquakes and the VIPs you have to impress, all part of the game.
Finally, there's the Fax Machine cheats and Rat Shooting Bonus Levels which are a great complement to the game.
Frustrating though they may be, the Game's minor glitches (missing door, sudden loss of music) are easily avoidable, making this game a smooth ride.

Bullfrog was really creative in this game, just ask anyone who has played this game. It's great Fundertainment
"Doctor Required in the GP's Office!"