Good game, unappreciated by the impatient masses

User Rating: 8.2 | Theatre of War PC
Theatre of War has gotten quite a bad bunch of reviews from these posters. To be honest with you all, I'm not sure why. The game has plenty intuitive control, and the tutorial covers everything from movement to line of sight. Theatre of War offers some of the most detailed controls of any RTS, which are complex and take time to get used to. Using preset functions your squad AI is decently enhanced, and you can focus on the big picture more. Don't think you can leave them sitting though, soldiers need orders. The main thing about Theatre of War that is unique is the size of engagement zones. No longer is the battle taking place on a small farm, it's taking place across a massive length of fields and countryside. The enemy is excellent in the game, and puts up a hell of a fight. No battle is a pushover, which means you have to work to win. You won't appreciate the game fully if you don't have a love of realism and a want to play one of the most challenging and realistic WWII rts games.