A great action RPG with a fresh feel to it.

User Rating: 9.5 | Subarashiki Kono Sekai: It's A Wonderful World DS

The World Ends With You(TWEWY)is a very entertaining RPG,It has a fresh,original feel to it and is set in modern Tokyo.

The main character is named Neku Sakabara,who is an anti social guy and he finds himself in some weird game where these entities named 'Reapers' assign him tasks and if he doesn't complete the tasks within 7 days,he will be erased from existence.Neku doesn't know why or how he ended up in the game.On the street are weird creatures named 'noise' which can only be seen after doing a scan.The noise make people ill but people who are not playing the game cannot see the noise and these serve as the ''monsters'' in the game.

Neku meets some other characters who will become his partners at some point during the game.The story has big plot twists and I don't want to spoil them for you,but I'll say they can be quite shocking.One of the other characters is a cute female character named Shiki.

The gameplay involves traveling to different regions in Tokyo to do the tasks and combat of course.The combat system involves using the stylus to move around and the type of attacks you perform depend on which pins you select and how you press/move the stylus on the screen.For example you can drag the stylus over a section of the screen to do a fire attack or you can tap on an enemy to perform some sort of energy ball attack.But there's many other types of attacks you can do.

Also,battles take place on both screens(the bottom screen is where Neku fights enemies and the top screen is where Neku's partner fights enemies).You can manually control or allow the AI to control the character on the top screen.You can control the character on the top screen by pressing the D-Pad buttons.As you would expect,if you manually control the character on the top screen,you can do it more effectively than the AI,but sometimes multitasking between 2 battles can be hard(and strenuous on your fingers)but the AI controls the character on the top screen fairly well.If a character on either the bottom screen or top screen loses all their health it's game over.

A unique feature of this game is instead of armor,you wear clothing fashion and your clothing fashion is more/less powerful in different parts of the city.

An interesting feature about this game is Neku can read what people are thinking after he does a scan and it gives you a clue on what you need to do for a task.

I also like how the game isn't serious all the time,the characters and dialogue can be humorous at times and the personalities of some of the characters are enjoyable.

The only major negative thing about the game is sometimes it's difficult to maneuver around using the stylus(especially in battle).

I like the look of a modern Tokyo appearance and how the characters dress.Neku wears head phones and has a cool,calm,mysterious aura and he has orange,wavy hair.Shiki also dresses in a feminine looking style dress.

Sometimes you'll see flashy special effects after you defeat a boss and the artstyle of the game is really nice.

I like the J-Pop music the game uses for music,it suits the modern Tokyo feel very well for it.The cute voice/sweet lyrics for some of the J-Pop songs in the game put me in a good mood.

Overall,it's a very fun and entertaining action RPG.