TWEWY is an amazing, innovative, easy to get into game that is one of the best games to grace the DS, and all handhelds

User Rating: 9.5 | Subarashiki Kono Sekai: It's A Wonderful World DS
The World Ends With You is a very unique take on the RPG formula, and does many things you won't see in other RPGs, and these many elements are what makes the game so special, and a game everyone should try.

So to go over the basics, the graphics are great, sprites are gorgeous, soundtrack is amazing, creates a wonderful atmosphere, story is out of this world awesome, characters are fantastic, and the all touch screen controls work really really well once you get the hang of it.

Now let's get to the main points of why TWEWY is so great. First and foremost, the best part of the game by far, and what puts it ahead of so many RPGs, is the pin system. It's simple, every attack in the game is used based on what pin you are using. Some pins have you drag the ground to create fire, others you tap an enemy and Neku shoots a shot at it, others you swipe at an enemy and Neku swings at them, etc. Some pins have more attack, some can attack faster, some recharge faster when used up, etc.

The genius of this pin system is that it actually makes grinding fun, and made it the RPG where I had the most fun just running around battling. You're always changing pins as you master old ones and gain new ones, and as a result, every battle feels different, and it gives the battle system a huge amount of variety. You'll always be trying out new pins, learning new ways to use them, combining pins together for amazing combos you didn't even know about, and the best part is that each pin is a basic touch control, it never feels hard or difficult to change pins, and discovering the many uses of pins as you use and combine them makes the overall battle system and game just so much fun and rewarding and just flowing with variety, and it's incredible.

A problem I've always had with RPGs is that they spend most of the challenge and gameplay in battles, yet these get so repetitive. TWEWY pretty much does battles better than any RPG, instead of constantly changing the enemies so there's variety, like Mother 3 does, why not just keep changing the player and the way he/she battles? It's simple, yet genius, and instantly makes it one of the most fun RPGs. Not to mention music for battles is always random and varying, so battles never feel similar, and always feel completely different, and it's an amazing game concept that I really hope we see more do in the future, an RPG where the player is constantly changing.

But that's not even the end of it, you know how boring regular battles can get? Having to constantly battle weak enemies? TWEWY has an amazing simple system to get through this, chaining battles. When you battle random enemies, you don't battle them one at a time, you can battle up to 4 in a row, which means you only have to go through 1 battle screen, random battles are actually hard since you fight so many, and you get really great rewards from each battle. I'm amazed no other RPG has done this, as it would make things so much better. Imagine in any RPG instead of walking around battling many weak enemies you can just fight them all at the same time, it makes things so much easier, more fun, more rewarding, and is just overall so much better, and something I really wish every RPG would do now that I've experienced it.

On top of this, there are tons of great little additions added to customization and everything that just makes the game so simple and fun and amazing. You're automatically healed at the start and end of every battle, so every battle is hard but you don't have to worry about healing outside of battle. You can change the difficulty of the entire game to Easy, Normal, or Hard whenever you want. You can even, when losing a battle, refight it on Easy. You can do every battle on both screens or only use the bottom one and have the top on auto pilot the whole time. You can fight enemies whenever you want. You can fight every enemy if you want to, or you can just run by all of them, making the bosses obviously harder, but it's all up to the player. The amount of customization and freedom the game gives the player is just amazing, and makes it feel like it's streamlined the entire RPG formula in a way that's so easy and fun to use, that it almost makes it difficult to go back to other RPGs.

I also have to give a shout out to the soundtrack. The soundtrack is simply a collection of 40 or so songs, and since the entire game takes place in the main city or battle, every time you enter an area or battle, you just get a random song from the 40 or so, it adds a ton of variety to the soundtrack, and since it's always random, it makes going to old areas feel seemingly new with a new track, and even though you backtrack a lot throughout Shibuya in the entire game, it never feels tedious at all, as aside from the soundtrack, every area in the game is always changing, which is just awesome.

As a final note, the post-game stuff is just amazing, like wow, once you beat the game, you're literally only halfway through it all, as there's somewhat of a 2nd quest to play after the first, and it's amazing, and gives the game so much play time, and the fact that it never once feels boring through all that time has got to be some sort of achievement.

But is there anything wrong with this top tier game? Well yes, despite all the amazing things this game has, there is one gaping flaw, and that would be the intro. While the story and writing is fantastic, it starts out not so good, and can be a bit overwhelming in how much text there is. Not to mention playing it for the first time, getting used to the controls and double screen battle system can be frustrating, and also not being able to chain battles means you have to play it like the everyday RPG. Overall, these make the beginning somewhat frustrating and tedious to get through, but as long as you keep some major tips in mind and force your way through it, you will be fine, and the game picks up fast. The tips, to those playing through it and having trouble, I will list here in case you decide to pick up the game:

- The controls may be tough at first with attacking and moving. Try running around or using the pins and not doing both. Just practice and you will get better at it.
- Don't focus on the top screen at all. When you start playing, focus on being able to handle the controls on the bottom screen, you don't have to ever use the top screen in the game, so ignore it until you are able to get the bottom screen down, and then try the top one very slowly.

I could say more, give more details on the way the 2nd quest is so great, talk about the amazing unique pop soundtrack, discuss the amazing characters and story the game has, with tons of really awesome themes and messages that I just loved a ton, and it makes for an incredible story I'd want just about everyone to see and experience, discuss the awesome 2nd screen combat, but I don't want to keep this too long.

So all in all, with some amazing new additions that make the RPG formula easier and better to use, quite possibly the best battle system in any RPG ever, and just doing everything right, The World Ends With You isn't just one of the best DS games, and one of the best RPGs, it's one of the best games of all time, and is a game everyone should try and play, and I highly recommend it to everyone and anyone, thanks you, I hope you enjoyed this review.