Th game is too damn awesome,a sequel to this game would be awesome,given that Square-enix and jupiter teams up again

User Rating: 9.5 | Subarashiki Kono Sekai: It's A Wonderful World DS
This game blew my mind off.It gives you a unique memorable experience that you can't easily forget.I'm not a hardcore gamer but I finished the game twice,and now I'm playing the side quests.Well I've nothing much to review but here are some awesome aspects to the game.
GRAPHICS:Extremely stylish and unique and I've never seen this TYPE of graphics in any other game.Was the best in 2008 and as a fan I wud say one of the best too date.
GAME PLAY:Sucks you right in.Never Felt bored even for a second.Too many things to do,level grinding is actually fun because the battle system is awesome,(various movement of the stylus and the mouth piece)Awesome soundtracks that play only during battle,which makes u want to battle again n again.Only game in gaming history(to me) where shopping is the best.Since this is a game set on fashion,u get to buy various type of clothes,each of which have unique stats and some that give special stats for individual players(4 type of players)And U level up by buying repeatedly from a vendor by which u can unlock unique stats of the item u r buying.
SOUND:Simply put AWESOME.Not a big fan of rap or hip hop but the selected tracks and the time when they are played clicks perfectly,which makes you wander around the streets hour after hour
REPLAY VALUE:Well as i said before,I finished the game twice and now playing the side quests,well Can't give u a explanation on the side story cuz there are a few spoilers in that field.
Well all I've gotta say is if you have a ds u have to buy this game