Hands down, The best Action RPG game I've ever played.

User Rating: 10 | Subarashiki Kono Sekai: It's A Wonderful World DS
The World Ends With You has consumed me in so many ways. This game has kept me busy for so many hours and as an RPG and it might just be the best one SquareEnix has ever made. It has a very awesome Risk Reward type system with gameplay that seems so fresh it always keeps you coming back for more. Now the story is that there is a Seven Day period game known as the UG in the area of Shibuya,Tokyo. Now you play as Neku Sakuraba who is an anti-social teenager who just doesn't get people and seems to hate them. However as his life was taken from him and he's forced to enter into the game he has to learn to trust his partners or he won't make it out alive. Now The World Ends With You has some awesome gameplay functions. Using the Touch Screen of the DS you use it to attack your enemies by doing a different variety of functions. Which could include slashing, dragging the Stylus, Focusing on the enemy, Blowing into the Microphone and much more. By equipping different abilities by using your pins you can find a gameplay style that suits you right and it always keeps the game fresh and engaging. Your partner can also do attacks and you can command them by using either the Face buttons or D-Pad. It all works out really well and it has a really addictive gameplay premise with the simple aspects of Kingdom Hearts and the style of Devil May Cry. With Challenging bosses thrown in and a couple of unique enemies for good use as well. You will also encounter some unique characters along the way. Such as Shiki Misaki who is your first partner who just wants to help Neku and see things to the end. The smart guy Joshua who helps you along halfway through the game and is really powerful, Sho Minamimoto who is a crazy boss who goes against the rules but is a super smart Math genius, Beat who might seem like a idiot and a pretty unfriendly guy at first hand. But when he gets down to business he really helps out in the end and cares about all of his friends. Overall the characters are really unique and they really add to the game. You can also go around Shibuya to explore the area. Such as Buying stuff to equip for your character like clothes or accessories for stat boosts. Eating Food to increase your Attack, Defense and ect. You can also read people's mind in the game to find areas of interest, Facts, Funny stuff which add to the game. The music is also really awesome with an awesome mix of Japanese Techno, Rock, Electronic and Rap. The soundtrack is fresh and unique which adds style to the game. The graphics are also really awesome with an anime inspired Art style, Manga Based Text boxes and the really unique design of the game's version of Shibuya. Overall The World Ends With You is an awesome RPG experience that shouldn't be missed. It's a really fresh take on the RPG genre and it's a game that will keep you busy from time to time overall.