A most inspiring game notwithstanding a couple rather awkward moments

User Rating: 9.5 | Subarashiki Kono Sekai: It's A Wonderful World DS
I originally bought this game based on what I saw, not really what I heard. None of my close buddies had really played the game, so I was taking what would now be classified as a financial risk. I felt a little buyer's remorse for my decision because it is out of character for me to buy a videogame with so little information about it memorized.

I started up the game with my huge wrap-around Samson headphones. You see, I had just bought them a couple of weeks before, so they were brand new and ready for useage. The title screen made my stomach dribble to the floor. I bought the game used, so I was immediately brought to the save menu (which coincidentally has somewhat obnoxious music and a similarly bad layout). At the time, I had assumed that this was the menu you see when you buy the game new--not realizing that it might have still just been a result of the cartridge being used.

Even so, first impressions are rarely accurate. The World Ends With You will most certainly feel like a mountain to climb for anyone starting the game; however, those most entralled by collecting random objects and oddities will find their home here--especially since that impulsive nature might make your expirience with the game that much easier.

The World Ends With You follows a certain Neku (who's last name I can niether pronounce or spell for that mattar). While he may be your conventional run-of-the-mill Japanese Anime Emo Monster Hunter Man; he is also very round and dynamic. Many developments happen throughout the game that turn Mr. Neku Emo from a selfish, self-centered, anti-social kid into a loving and breathable angel. Don't let me turn you off of the concept--the process and result are believable, while telling quite a wholesome message in the process.

The gameplay (or Ms. Shining Star of the game), is most certainly tough at first. In fact, I had to give one of my buddies a quick pep talk to convince him to use the top screen. Let me give a couple of quick tips to help you out here.

1. always start with Neku.

2. when you get the green orb started, you can get away with switching one screen at a time. Your attack is doubled when you fight with the orb.

3. certain enemies are easier to attack with certain pins. The best solution; however, is to fight fire with fire. Wolves are normally easier to kill with wolf pin. Frogs are normally easier to kill with a frog pin.

and so on and so forth.

The art direction of the game is fantastic. The abstract displacement of the buildings really gives you a feel of 'being' in the districts. Its often said that art is most effective when its most striking elements are exaggerated--which is only proven for me by this game. This game certainly has the strongest sense of style among any of the consoles, mobile or immobile.

Finally, while many of the songs in the game are passable, you will almost always find a couple that you like. The general variety isn't incredible, but there are some estimable tracks.

Perfect length, style, and gameplay only serve one purpose in this game: to wisp you away to an alternative Japan with somewhat commonplace characters and solid presentation. I am proud to stand among the majority opinion today: This is a very good game--and absolutely recommended to anyone with taste for Adventure in the epic and urban world of Shibuya.