This is one of the most unique RPG games ever made.

User Rating: 10 | The World Ends with You DS

At first the graphics in this game might let you think it is another childish game, but as soon as you start it you will understand that this is something else. Exceptional tunes catch you quick and as soon as you dive into your first battle you will wonder - what next?

Battles are extraordinary and use stylus for precise aiming and smooth controls. And when you make a pact with your first friend your first thought might be - HOW I CONTROL BOTH SCREENS AT ONCE??? But game lets you play as you like and can by taking control of other character. True masters are able to control both screens and give a power unimaginable. Not to mention that every pact character has it's own unique set of moves.

Story is another aspect of the game - truly keeps you "drowned" in it till the last moment. What is happening with me? What is this game all about? The tension is always present and the game immerses you in this horrid world, which is a mix of reality and mystic things happening to you all the time.

Boss fights are epic - every fight is unique with it's own strategy and pace. Every pin (the character uses pins as weapons, which opens a great way to customise your combat mechanics and style) is unique and the progression system makes you wonder how can you expand your arsenal.

Game is also full of sidequests, which expand the story and give you a challenge how you want it. Want to get beaten - here is a secret boss wandering around, want an easier way - customise settings as you see fit or level up the pins you like most and see what happens. Truly a unique way with almost endless possibilities.

In overall this is one of the best RPG games ever made in my opinion. Especially on the DS.