Fun title but not without flaws

User Rating: 7 | The Wonderful 101 WIIU

I had to buy this game, it just looked so unique and special. And i wanted to support an exclusive Wii U franchise to show my appreciation. That said, I wasn't disappointed, but not overwhelmed either. The dtory and dialogue was really really funny and self-ironic, which mad me laugh out loud couple of times (and that never happened before when i was playing a videogame alone). The combat gets really tight over the time and i didn't have any problems with the controls (Pro Controller). Yes, you have to practice a little, but that's what videogames should be about, learning and mastering. But after completing the campaign for the first time, I didn't feel that motivated to play it over and over again. For my taste, it was just too much epic boss-fights and repeating to start all over again. Maybe in a few months/years, who knows. But for now, all I can say is I was highly entertained for 14-16 hours and it was worth the purchase.