The Wonderful 101 Cheats For Wii U

  1. Wonderful Ones' Eyes

    During a cutscene, holding down ZR will allow you to see through the Wonderful Ones' masks and see their eyes.

    Contributed by: murtaza64 

  2. Hard mode

    Complete the game under normal difficulty to unlock Hard mode. You will also unlock the gallery and character bios.

    Contributed by: CerberusAzdin 

  3. Unlock Secret Characters

    To unlock these characters you must have completed the game (any difficulty) and you must have enough O-parts (1000000 per set for the first four sets, or 2000000 for the Bayonetta set). Then, enter a cheat code at very specific areas of the game.

    To unlock, go to a designated location and enter this cheat code: Hold down ZR and press up, down, up, right, left, X, B, Y, A. The money will be deducted from your total and the characters will be unlocked. To keep the characters, you must continue playing the level until the game saves (indicated by the word "Saving" in the lower left corner of the screen). You can then exit the level.

    Location: Starting position of the Prologue Centinals Set: Wonder-Captain, Wonder-Scarf, Wonder-Gramps
    Location: During the Epilogue, right after the first car is cut off Real Superheroes Set: Wonder-Goggles, Poseman, Wonder-Director
    Location: Operation 009-B, starting position of the battle with the shield-generating device Rivals Set: Prince Vorkken, Chewgi, Immorta
    Operation 006-B, during the battle with Laambo, to the west by bowl of noodle soup The Olden Days Set: Wonder-Daddy, Wonder-Future, Wonder-Red (Emeritus)
    Go to the start of Operation 001 (outside the school) Unlocks Bayonetta, Jeanne & Rodin

    Contributed by: Hambodias, M4s3