let this be a warning.

User Rating: 9.5 | The Witcher PC
if you have a life, stay away from this game. it took me a week or more to finish it while i was on vacation and sick, playing several hours a day. a person with full time job simply cannnot afford that. all others (teenagers, housewives, nolifers, lucky bastiches who dont have to work, layed off people etc.) - you won't regret playing this game. it's a game of epic measures that was in development for 4 years and its a solid 9/10 game.

the gameplay wasn't even that addictive, but the story was so intriguing, i wanted to see what will happen next and kept playing and playing. unlike other rpg games of this type that i have tried where they throw you in a big virtual world and you can go wherever you want and do whatever you want and the story is kind of secondary, the witcher's story is probably the most important and satisfactory element of the game.

some of the bosses toward the end of the game were real tough. at one point i was even ready to use cheats just to deal with the bastard, but to my surprise this game had no cheats and all i could use was other gamers recommendations. the boss fights toward the end are so epic that you always think - this must be the last one, just to encounter another one later.

there were some minor things that got on my nerve a little. like, when the witcher goes in and out of meditation mode (and that has to be done quite a lot in the game), it takes him a few seconds while the camera spins around him and you just have to sit and look at that like an idiot every time. and of course, the long loading times can be frustrating, but strangely they became shorter as i progressed, while on the other hand the locations became bigger, go figure.

all in all this game is a must play for any rpg gamer who has a lot of time on his/her hands.