A good story is ruined by long fetch quests, awful combat, and general tediousness.

User Rating: 4 | The Witcher PC
If a story is by far the most important thing to you in a game, then I would recommend The Witcher. Otherwise stay as far away as possible from it.

The combat is boring and extremely easy. You simply click at the correct times and win. Throughout the game, there's a large variety of fetch quests that the game forces you to go through, and they are nearly all extremely boring. If you're hoping that the side quests are better, then you're in for a disappointment, they're nearly all fetch quests.

Many people say that the game has a good choice/consequence system and it does. However there are not very many choices to be made, so it won't feel like you're having much of an impact on the story because of the length of the game.

Another issue is the inventory system. The inventory is a pain to organize and see what you have because they decided to use tiny icons to represent items, and you either have to memorize what the icons represent or scroll over them. It's an awful system that wastes your time.