Dark, mature, interesting, original

User Rating: 8.5 | The Witcher: Enhanced Edition PC
I played and finished TWEE after both the Dragon Age titles, including their expansion and DLCs.
Although I guess that the three games are objectively not comparable, they compete over the same market contest and share the same attention of the RPGs fans; moreover, all the three games are very representative of the genre into the PC library, so it's quite impossible not to place them side-to-side in a review.
As the Witcher, it was a real surprise, and it misses nothing of the EA titles.
The story is very catchy, deep, crude and mature, the scenery pretty dark and - as I live in Europe - somehow familiar (in a medieval taste, obviously :D ).
The gameplay is very good - questing is never boring, the fights are pretty fun and never frustrating - and the whole game grants a lot of hours (for me about 50) of genuine role play gaming.
I would definitively guard The Witcher among the best RPGs in the history.