v1.11 to v1.22, next quest finished gave me like +16 levels...??

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So I haven't played in since way back in patch 1.11, I stopped within act 2, all "important" secondary missions done so far, and just before returning the ugly baby to the Witcher Fortress Kaer Morhen, I was character level 23.

I just started playing again today after upgrading to patch 1.22 (I didn't upgrade all the way to 1.30/1.31 because some of my mod's haven't been upgraded to that version yet). So I'm level 23, and first business I go to advance the Ugly Baby quest (take the Baby with Yen to the king and get sent back to Kaer Morhen). This quest step alone gave me +16 levels up!!?? Is this something to do with the patch up from 1.11? I'm afraid my character is crazy bugged out lol

16 levels for one quest step? wtf?