The Operator's Glitch

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Ok so, this glitch has made me beyond livid with the difficulty of beating this guy. So here's the story; in the guide I'm using it tells me I need to take out all 4 flames on the pillars around the room. Ok sounds simple. WRONG! There's a graphical glitch that makes it so the pillars are NOT where their physics are, aka: the pillar is standing BEHIND where it's really suppose to be and if you go where it's supposed to be you run into an invisible wall. This makes it ridiculously annoying when trying to dodge. Also, thanks to the shitty as hell glitch, you CAN'T target the flames to put out! So does ANYONE know how to fix this? Because I had the release version of the game so I thought ok I'll patch, but NOPE, patches 3.1-3.4 do NOT fix this stupid glitch! I literally want to quit this game and uninstall it do to the lack of acknowledgement from the company that this glitch needs to be fixed.