So you finished the game! *Spoilers*

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I've played through it once so far. I completed Roche's path which was filled with many decisions that are sure to impact the witcher III. I'm curious what were other people choose and why?

Here were my choices:

1. Aryan La Valette

I convinced him to surrender and saved him in the dungeon mostly because he seemed a reasonable enough chap.

2. Roche or Iorveth

It seemed illogical to go with Iorveth given Roche and I were on good terms at this point so I went with Roche. Although I was true to my word with Iorveth when we encountered Letho and handed him his sword.

3. Henselt--Live or Die

I let him live given that killing him would only serve the Kingslayer's aims which we had been fighting against up to that point.

4. Roche (Anais) or Triss

I choose Triss. She was the main reason I went to Loc Muinne.

5. Sile de Tansarville

I let the her die in the portal. She got what she deserved!

6. Saesenthessis

I put it out of its misery.

7. Letho

I really wanted to fight this guy but I let him go because he really wasn't my enemy, he never harmed Triss or any of my other friends, and he was a fellow witcher. Will definetly fight him when I do Iorveth's path (which will be a 'non-canon' playthrough if you will).

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I played it through part way going with Roche, but I didnt like that you had to side with the bad guy in the next chapter, so I went back and sided with the other fellow, even though I didn't really want to, because it meant I got to side with Saskia in the next chapter. In the end, I too went and saved Triss, but I saved the girl from the portal, and then I saved Saskia as well. I think they explained that ending poorly, you arent the first person to make that mistake, I read at least one other comment like yours, but the fact is that killing her isnt 'putting her out of her misery' its just killing her, if you dont kill her she lives, flies away and is fine, but you don't know that unless you actually let her go, the way the decision is worded it does kind've mislead you into thinking she's likely going to die no matter what you do, and that isn't the case. She flies away, and (at least in my version) she and the girl I saved from the portal rule and defend their newly-freed nation together and live happily ever after.

So the bottom line for me is, save Triss, support Saskia every chance I get (would've likely picked her over Triss if she'd been an LI, she was so awesome, of course Triss was awesome too, but Saskia was the tops), which means having to side with Iorveth even though I'd really rather side with Roche, and the rest of the decisions arent nearly as important, but I'm going to save lives whenever possible.