Healing myself

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So I have to find some ostmurk, which is all well and good, until some Nekkers jump me in the cave. Ok, not so bad, but now my health is dropping (and I'm not bruting it, I've been doing hit and runs for about a minute now) so I think 'no problem, i'll just use a potion!' nope. You must meditate to use that. Ok, I'll meditate. Nope. You cannot do that here. So my ultimate question is: is there any way to heal myself? I really don't want to turn the difficulty down, because its only on Normal and I'm not to keen on playing on easy.
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every creature is bound to a certain space, so what you need to do is run away from them till you reach a place they cannot see you (example; main gate of the cave).

then your mini-map will stop glowing red which means there are no enemies near.

Then your vitality will refill gradually. wait until it's full and attack back.