Bug/ quest problem: Ch 2 - Phillippa Eilhart is not in her Home (not map prob)

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Ok, Chapter II , i'm in iorverth path and managed to finished several quest include hunting magic, Death Symbolized, With Flickering Heart and etc The other quest either wait for event to turn up or associated with Phillipa Right after i get Triss bandana from the she-troll, when im trying to return to Phillipa there's a cut scene of a man saying that Phillipa is not in her home right now, that she's taking care of Saskia and the scoiatel guards won't let anyone in. When i go to her home/ HQ she 's really not there. Talking to cythia she says the same thing ( Phillippa with saskia ) and i have to wait for Phillipa to return home. I tried to meditate and everythin but still Phillipa havent return to her home. What should i do ? Any ideias? I already started chap II from scratch 2 times and the same problem occurs, i managed to identify that it occurs right after i get the bandana. I searched the web for this problem, i actually found someone in same situation as mine but no one answered him. Please, help! Please
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@ramoncg: First, sorry for my shitty english...

I know this is very old post.. But maybe my experience with this could help someone else.

Problem is with illegal copy of a game. You need to have original game.

If you now have it and you won't play a game from begining, you need to upload a save when you were at cave with dwarves for the flower. If you go outside a cave after you fulfill quest, there should be animation with your little dwarf companions. They NEED TO GO AWAY FROM THAT CAVE ENTER. That's very important. And then you should be capable bring Triss bandana to Philippa. It works for me.