The Warriors proves that Rockstar can make a great translation from the consoles to a handheld system.

User Rating: 8.4 | The Warriors PSP
The Warriors is a game based on the film in 1979 with the same name. It is in the Beat 'em Up category. You play through levels going to certain areas fighting people along the way. Your gang, The Warriors, need to build up your rep in the city by taking over areas by fighting and wrecking you opponents. The fights take place in areas around New York City, mostly Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the Bronx. For more than half of the game, you're fighting to take control of the streets. Then there is a scene where all the gangs sign a truce and go to a meeting. The host says that they should stop fighting and that everyone should join together. Then a gunshot fires and kills the host. The Warriors are blamed even though they weren't the ones that fired to gun. You have a long battle home fighting each and every gang to get back to Coney Island. Then you find the gang that really did it and you brawl until the gang that the host was in comes and takes who killed him away. There are minigames and bonus missions, such as finding graffiti tags and feeding hobos out in the street, similar to GTA when you finish the storyline, there are other things to do. There are plenty of enemy gangs. You take drugs to improve your health.

The Good:
Great fighting system. Plenty of variety in gameplay. You get to wreck your opponents anyway you want. The cutscenes make you feel like your part of the action. There are plenty of bonuses to be completed. Realistic gang fights. Fully interactive levels. If you're short on money you can rob, steal, kill, even mug people so that you can get your money. The setting is in NYC, the capital of the world. The fighters start to get cut up and start bleeding when in a fight. As warchief you get to give your gang a number of commands, such as Let's Go(order them to follow you), Mayhem(destroy everything is sight), and others. Great soundtrack and dialogue. The soundtrack brings back the feeling of the late 70s. Rich, in-depth storyline. The game is a great addition to the genre of movie games and the genre of brawlers, one that has been out of the spotlight for too long. It's only $20.

The Bad:
There are a minor flaws in the targeting system.-ex. When fighting you can target someone, but you can't cycle through targets or stop looking at your target easily. The best way is to sprint away. The graphics aren't really that attractive. The shapes and models look good, but the colors and textures look terrible. The soundtrack was great, but I felt that there could have been a few more songs. Most levels are a bit too easy. This game is the exact same game that came out almost 2 years ago for PS2 and Xbox.

Closing Comments:
The game is still good whether or not you've already played it. Those who own a PSP and who don't already have a copy of this game on the consoles should get it, especially since right now the PSP is lacking in its production of good games. After the releases of other great games on the PSP like Midnight Club 3, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, this is the game that makes it a definite fact that Rockstar can make a good handheld game. If your looking for a great brawler on the go, The Warriors is a must have.