Rockstar's recreation of the 1979 cult classic The Warriors is a classic 3D beat em up. Let me know if you agree with me

User Rating: 10 | The Warriors PSP
Rockstar's recreation of the 1979 cult classic "The Warriors" is a classic 3D beat em up and one hell of one to. If you have seen the film then you will have no problem with this game its true to the film in every way. Its stretches a 2 hour film in about 12 to 14 hours of gameplay and even more if you try for 100% in Hardcore Solider mode to unlock Raging Fury mode which is the same game but all the Warriors are Baseball Furies and vice versa. I think the PSP version the best because the draw distance is alot better but with all the choas going on you don't really notice. I also like that the PSP version has the mini game "Armies of The Night" unlocked from as soon as you get in the hideout. I love the idea of nearly everthing you do except fighting is almost a mini game of its own like tagging,mugging,stealing car stereos. The game starts from the begining of the meeting where all the gangs are there Cyrus says his speech gets shot then all the gang member go running and screaming when the cops get there then it goes back to when its 2 months before the meeting then you learn about how every Warriors joined and why then you learn about them making their bread and their rep by fighting Coney Islands other gang The Destroyers whose turf is East Coney. then you do bigger things like tagging new trains to get The Warriors noticed then you go to the meeting which shows you the start again then Cleon sadly got beaten to death for shooting Cyrus which we all know it was Luther the guy with a real weird voice. After they scatter The Warriors are Forced to make it all the way back to Coney with every gang in NYC after them. long story short they lose Fox and Ajax and make it back to Coney with Mercy then Luther tries to kill Swan but Swan pulls out his switch blade and throws it at Luther hitting him in the arm then as Swan wipes the blood off his knife in Luther's hair Masai now leader of the Riffs because Cyrus was killed comes tells them the are real good then Swan says The best and walks away as the Riffs Beat up Luther and his gang. After you finish the story Cleon, Fox and Ajax are no longer at the hideout then you are free to do what you want. I have my own ideas to make this game better heres my list:
1. Have a final mission called Ajax returns because he was arrested.
2. Be able to go any where then just Coney Island when your not doing a mission by going on a train.
3. Cleon and FOx should be ghosts at the hangout that would be cool.
4. You should be able to pick The Warriors you want to go for each mission and have different jobs for example Mission 6 you should be able to pick Ajax and fight instead of going Rembrandt and having to tag that wall.
5. You should have an extra story mode were you can change the story like stop Cleon getting killed or stop Ajax getting arrested.
If you argee with any of these ideas let me know.