User Rating: 10 | The Warriors PS2
I have been a fan of the film "The Warriors" for many years, since first seeing it in fact, it has become one of my favourite films over the years.

So when I first heard that Rockstar were making a game based on the film, naturally I was looking forward to it, after all this is the company behind (at the time) Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, and Vice City, one of my favourite games companies.

And I was not disappointed.

This game follows the film, chapter by chapter (the Satan's Mother's section being the only one as far as I can remember that is slightly different, as in the film you only run from them rather than having to bop your way through them to get to your fellow Warriors). The style of the game faithfully recreating the sites, sounds and action of the film that it's based on,and looks great.

But best of all is the additional missions designed to lengthen the game, and to tell the back story of each of the individual Warriors and also some of the other gangs. These do exactly what they are meant to, not only adding length to what would be fairly short game if it was just based on the film, but most importantly they stick faithfully to the story, not just filling in the background,but painting a detailed world of what made these nine Warriors come together.