wow, movie was good but the game is........PERFECT.........I think this is the best beat em up ever....

User Rating: 9.5 | The Warriors PS2
good graphics real fighting and perfect gameplay this game is so good that I pased it more than 5 times
MAN this game rocks but this game isn,t for everyone game(at least to me) was better tha gta san andreas
here you can mug people,robb stores and steal car radios

only bad things are that when you complete the game you can only play in yours little city and you cant drive cars but still this is one of best games on the ps2 ever maybe they should create a second part?...........nevermind
story is good about gangs and unity and revenge
this game rocks you dont need to rent IT BUY IT! ! !
game (nevermind if you didnt watched the movie)
have a prelouge and epilouge of the movie.
In the game you can find out why and how are wariors formed
and who is cleon really(well you cant see it in movie)