Along with Goldeneye 007 this is the best Movie Based game ever made.

User Rating: 10 | The Warriors PS2
The Warriors is a game based off one of the best Cult Classic Movies from the 1970's.Focusing on Gang Wars, Violence within the City and making a treaty to make all gangs come close.Now this game even expands on the orginal movie.The story is that the Riff's leader Cyrus is holding a meeting for all the Big Gangs in New York City.The Warriors and every other big gang get invited but then the Rouges leader Luther shoots Cyrus and all hell breaks loose. Then a flashback happens to go back 3 months before the meeting and then the story really begins.Now gameplay is much a more modern version of titles like Final Fight,Streets of Rage,River City Ransom,Fighting Force,Dynamite Cop and many more classics.With a bit of Grand Theft Auto mixed in because of it's Hub World.Now you can't drive cars and your limited to some areas but their is alot to do.The Brawling in this game is great with just 3 Buttons to Master.The variety of fighting moves works well and it suits your need if you love these types of games.Certin Weapons can be used in the fight like Knifes,Baseball Bats,Pipes and much more.You can also steal Radios from the Cars,Rob Shops and Tag your gang with Grafitti.It's also great to play as every main Warrior with Cleon,Swan,Ajax,Rembrandt,Fox,Snow,Cochise,Cowboy and Vermin.Since they all have their own Fighting styles.New York City is also rendered well from it's 1970's counterpart showing all main areas like Coney Island,The Upper East Side,Pelham Bay,Union Square and much more.The multiplayer is also extremely fun since it's a gang war fight.Featuring things like your Standard Brawl,Free for All,Rooftop Fights,King of the Hill and much more.Overall The Warriors is a great game if you love Beat'em Up's and if your a fan of the Classic 1970's movie.This is truley one of the best movie games ever made and you need to play this game.