The warriors is the game action drama game ever made it is like gta sanandreas, gta vice city and gta three so u buy it!

User Rating: 10 | The Warriors XBOX
The best game ever made is the warrior for rockstar games because the life like gameplay is alsome and ending is amazing and i like the flash back at you unlock in the game and learn all about have they join and every thing. What made the game suck a bit is that it is not open world gameplay like gta sanandreas or gta vice.The mad thing is the combat moves are deadly and hiding in the shadow and slincing there neck annd the co-op is the maddest thing about the game because went you spilt apart you share the same screan. So that is why i think that the warriors is the best co-op action game ever and the cool thing is when you can mug people and steal there money or steal hats and smashing up cars. I like the thing that you can have what ever weapon you want like a machtle,knife, donuts, bricks, spray paint, beer bottle, buther knife, bongs, crowbars, bins, left pipe, night bat, skulls and more.