MultiPlayer Action - Warrior Style

User Rating: 8.3 | The Warriors XBOX
I absolutely loved playing this game. Multiplayer story mode action is the best and I even loved that the default Splitscreen was vertical and not horisontal. If you love beating people senceless with a good story line, this is the game for you.
This is the first Title for Rockstar Toronto so there are some glitches in the game but nothing to keep you from wanting to finish the game. The XBOX version seemed to freeze up on me a few times before completion but I didnt care, I used that as an excuse for a potty break and food run, because other wise you are not gonna quit.
The game starts off the a few months before the movie to fill you in on how bad a$$ the Warriors are. As you progress through the game you'll unlock Flashback missions (Do these Missions) for each of the 9 Warriors we all know and love.
Before playing the Game I recomend refreshing that pretty little head of yours with the Movie. It was recently Re-Released on DVD so you can pick it up pretty much anywhere. Its worth having in your collection.
Unfortunaly the movie is also getting remade in Hollywood as we speak.
Hollywood will do anything for a buck. The Original is Awesome and for an Older Movie it has hold its own. I hope to god the Remake doesnt suck, since we cant stop it from being made now.
While playing the game Roam Coney Island and do all the missions you unlock during regular Missions, this stuff will help you unlong the way. You unlock Steel-Toe Boots, Weapon NPC's, Abilitly to carry more things.
Always tip those bums that ask for it, they will tell you the Information or you will be able to recruit one or more.
Well good luck with the game and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.