Even more fun than the movie!

User Rating: 9 | The Warriors PS2
This is one of the most fun games I played this year. It is a really great beat em up game. It is based on the movie by the same name. The developers did a solid job of bringing the fun of the movie to the video game. The story is good. It's similar to movie. Where the game shines is in it's gameplay and fun factor. It is an absolute blast to play and is also fun in co-op mode. The fighting mechanics are solid and don't ever feel too repetitive. Each character has a different fighting style. The fights can get really intense because you are taking numerous enemies at once. It's not all fighting either. There are some different tasks like tagging your gang sign throughout the different areas and stealing from cars to make money. There's a good mix. If you enjoy the movie, I think you will love this game. If you just want to play a really fun beat em up action game then will love this game as well. Play it and have fun!