The 3rd edition of Telltales rendition of The Walking Dead series isn't quite on par with the first 2 seasons.

User Rating: 7 | The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series - A New Frontier PS4

The New Frontier, as referenced in this season's title, is basically the games version of the Saviors. Minus Negan and anybody who will leave a lasting impression. It's weird the game chose to include this in the title because in the end there role in the game as a whole is sort of minor. Nothing like the Saviors from the hit show.

This time around, we will be controlling 2 different characters. The returning kid heroine from the previous 2 seasons, Clementine, and a new face, Javier Garcia. The new faces you will come to meet during the duration of this season are kinda poor in comparison to some of the more memorable and somewhat likeable characters from the previous seasons. Javier is ok, its his group of followers who fail to impress. Javier is an ex pro baseball player who is now on the run with his a hole brothers wife and 2 kids. The brother, David, is a bully who has the worst parenting skills ever and gets separated from Javier and his wife Kate, and 2 kids Gabe and Marianna. Javier is now left with the older brothers family and it is up to him to keep them safe till they can reunite with David. The cast is lacking in originality and aren't the most likeable bunch, but they will have to do. You will be in control of Javier for most of the game, in exception for a few short and sweet sequences of controlling Clementine.

Something else that bothers me about this season is the results of EITHER ending you left Season 2 with. Either way, whether you choose to save Kenny or the other chic both see the same fate. No spoilers so I wont tell what exactly befalls them but basically the choices are meaningless in the end and have the same result no matter what. This is an all too played out trend in Telltales games and I was disappointed to see it happen here. Clementine is alone with baby AJ from Season 2 and the game basically revolves around her interactions with The New Frontier and Javier and his group. The same formula is at play as far as gameplay goes. If you have played any Telltale game before, you know what to expect. One thing you can be sure of though, is that this game limits your exploration and interactions more than any other game thus far, and its a shame too, as some of the locations and environments seem like they would be a joy to interact with.

Like I said, the cast is dull, and the antagonists are even duller. The game almost tries too hard to replicate the events of the show, such as a particular scene in the end when a member of your travelling comrades is sacrificed similar to the way Negan executes Glenn & Abraham on the show. But the contrast here is that unlike those guys from the show, the ppl you see get murdered in cold blood just won't have much effect on you even a little, or possibly at all. This game does little in the way of fresh ideas and follows the same steps the show does so you can almost see everything coming before it happens. The game is still playable and has its brief moments of surprise scenes, but overall a poor Walking Dead experience. It is however, a tad bit better than The Walking Dead Michonne, but not by very much.