the walking dead survival instinct review

User Rating: 4 | The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct PC
ok movie and tv show tie-ins do have a bad history in games, but last year telltales games did something, they created an original game with characters that you cared for and some suspenceful gameplay,it got rave reviews was a great game, how could this game go wrong it has actual characters from the show, Daryl Dixon and his older brother Merle, well activison have and terminal reality decided to just, rehash old gameplay and graphics i mean this game looks terrible, i thought aliens colonial marines was an ugly game, this is worse, i thought i was playing an xbox original game from 2004 the dated graphics aren't the only issue,the story is a prequal to the events of the show,but it just does'nt hold up,it weak and also been done to death,i knew what to do before in game characters would ask me,there was a real lack of ceativity in this game which is a shame,as the show and comic books are a huge success over the world, this should of been a no brainer, some ideas in the game are good when you get into a struggle with one of the walkers you have to aim down at the head to kill them or you will just stab them, but this idea cant hold this game up,its just really flawed,and buggy even the zombies just looked like they were taken out of another game and put in this one hell even the scenery aswell. looks like activision just wanted to get on the money wagon on this and didnt really care about the fans. do yourself a favour and wait for telltales season two of the walking dead and avoid this game like the undead.

audio 7/10 use of the tv show theme and the two main actors voices helps this game ,but not much
visuals 3.5/10
would be a great looking game in 2005 but in 2013 dreadful.
predictable and repetitive
total score

replay value
no multiplayer or co-op so if u do the story mode im sure that would be it
overall score
has potential then just ruins it over and over again