Waaaaaaay to harsh ratings!

User Rating: 8 | The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct PS3

Is the game too short? Yes. Are the game mechanics terrible? Yes -As soon as you've cleared a house so you're ready to scavenge whatever is there, a walker spawns right behind you, and defines the game's embarrassing lack of possibilities of not giving you a realistic chance to avoid damage and detection. The graphics are acceptable (if this was 2005 and Half Life 2 came out last year). And the beat-em-up slasher style of wave after wave of walkers makes the main survival features quite trivial. But the story is great, the voice acting is terrific and the way you get too choose and thereby have influence on the game is exquisite. You get to choose WHERE, and in what WAY you wish to travel. Choices that also applies to the people you choose to bring along for the ride, and in what way you wish said people to help out by scavenging supplies.
The main point of this game is to experience BEING Daryl. Using the crossbow for head-shots, telling Merle to go f'ck himself and deciding that you're not such a bad guy and wish to help people with miscellaneous tasks.

If you're a fan of AMC's TV-series, can't wait for the next episode and, as mentioned above, would like a chance to experience being a part of the series. This is it!