Very underrated.

User Rating: 8 | The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct WIIU

This game was critically panned as "horrible" and "dull" by the same press who always gives 9s to Call of Duty: 23 when it uses THE SAME EXACT stale mechanics from the first 22. First, this is not a run and gun game. Like the show, you need to try and get around the walkers without them seeing you. If you can sneak up behind them, you can one-shot execute them with a knife to the brain. A frontal assault can take 1-4 hits to the head to kill a walker. Headshots are all that count, like the show. The graphics, at least in the Wii U version, really aren't bad at all; especially if you like playing games on the tablet controller. On the controller, the textures look nice and detailed and the brick buildings look quite nice. The gameplay consists of finding resources to help SURVIVE. You need food & drink and ammo and fuel. There are some different ways to get these things, but usually its during side missions where you trade risk for reward and gas usage for breakdown risk. The level geometry is generally such that it invites thorough exploration. And while I'm not one to startle, walking around in a dark warehouse with my flashlight illuminating the way, then turning to see a walker right there coming at me from the side has made me jump on multiple occasions which cracks up my wife. The controllers are surprisingly solid. Everything is responsive and exact.

On the whole, this game could've been more, but it's also NOWHERE near what the critics would have you believe. And because of them, you can now get the game for peanuts. If you like the show (especially Daryl), you can get the game for 15$.