HELP: FireSign Stadium Helipad sequence

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:evil: I am soooooo up to my neck with this sequence man, I am stuck here where I have to clear the helipad of walkers before Merle show's up, I can't seem to stop dying fromn being piled up by hordes of zombies here. I have seen other players gameplay and they don't seem to have half the walkers that I get, from the get go I am bombarded by ton's of walkers and I kill most of them but than I get sacked by another wave and die. I have no idea whats going on here!!! any tips?  I have to stay alive till Merle shows up. Also, my stupid game totally bypassed archers creek and Danvers, I dont know why, my map just won't give me the option of going there, does that make sense. I was not hoping for a second playthrough ugh.

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never mind, just finished it, thanks for the help forum readers,lol NOT

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--------> Once Ya Get On The Helipad Go To The Tail End Of The Chopper The Walkers Will Ignore You And Head Straight To The Chopper Then Just Stand There And Pick Them Off PS Make Sure You Have A Full Clip
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Can you tell me how you passed it?? I have been trying for days to get past the last part with protecting the helipad. It seems if I stand in one place for too long then the game blacks out and I die once again. PLEASE HELP!!!!!! I have tried to stay at the tail end of the chopper but it always blacks out and I die.