A Solid Game (NO SPOILERS)

User Rating: 6 | The Walking Dead: Episode 3 - Long Road Ahead PC
"Player decisions influence the story creating a tailored experience."
Perhaps Telltale should have kept this in mind when they were making episode 3. After playing the game three times I've found that most of my actions both before and during the game had very little impact on the outcome of the game. In the earlier two episodes I had the feeling that my decisions were improving my group's chances of survival but after episode 3 I felt that a lot of my decisions were hollow and meaningless. I understand the need for the story to move forward but I feel like Telltale tried to cram two episodes into one, content wise it is the longest of the 3 episodes and the graphics and sound are very well done. But the lack of my decisions impact has caused me to give this episode a lower ranking than the previous two. Perhaps I will see how my choices made an impact in a future episode but until it does my ranking must reflect that they have no impact.