Urbz Sims in the city in the gba is a solid instalment on this port.

User Rating: 8 | The Urbz: Sims in the City GBA
Urbz sims in the city is a good game for gba with solid gameplay and good graphics it is a good game of the franchise.

Gameplay:is almost like the other sims.The differents you can walk,ride a bike and skate board.The other stuff stay much like the other you have to eat,sleep,talk,take a bath and have fun.You have a lot of missions but the problem is that you can finish the game 4 hours.In the game you have something call rep points is use to boots your status.Overall the gameplay good.

Graphics:are the best part of this game.The environments are very detail,sharp and they are full of life.The people look great for the gba.The backgrounds look cleared and sharp.The gesture of the people when you talk to the change a lot depends of their emotion.Overall are great.

Sound:is good.The music and the tunes sound good.The skate board and motorcycle sound very real.The voice of the characters are like all the sims why they dont speak english that bother me.Overall the sound is solid.

Value: almost high.

Tilt:you can finish the game in four hours but after that you still have to do the rep missions and some extras.

Complains: the game is too short.

Story:you are to the city and most get popular.

Overall: still a fun game and you can get into it very easy.