Fun to play when you are with friends or angry at your step dad, but not fun when those don't apply.

User Rating: 6 | The Urbz: Sims in the City PS2
You may have played those bad Japanese simulation games that fail at being fun and playable simulation games, well, this is similar. The Urbz goes away from the traditional "Build your house and Have a family" and takes dock on a new game idea. Your goal is not as much having a family and getting furniture, it is having a job and traveling around the city trying to unlock new clubs and meet new friends. The game really does stem pretty far off from the original idea of the Sims. When playing The Urbz, you feel as though you are playing a totally diferent game. But you do have to give the makers of the Urbz respect for jumping into a whole new game type. THe Urbz really requires you to make the money yourself as opposed to just looking through the newspaper and getting a job. The Urbz requires you to choose one of many jobs scattered throughout the city and then do what the job requires. My favorite job was the photoshoot... It basically requires you to press the buttons that pop up on the screen to go into a new pose for the photoshoot. As I forgot a lot about the game, I couldn't tell you what the bad part was about the jobs, but there was one.


A hard to play, and rough game that's real redeemig aspect is the new Job system.