Urbz is a game that will drain hours and hours.

User Rating: 8.5 | The Urbz: Sims in the City DS
Urbz: Sims in the City is an adventure game unlike its PC and Home Console counter parts. This game is just like the hand held Bustin' Out before it in which you control the Sim in real time and reach what feels like hundreds of goals to get to the end. In the game you do what each Sim game does, you work, sleep, eat, poop, shower, talk to people, repeat. The Urbz does have some differences though.

You have 100% control of the character you are playing as. At the start you get to create your Sim. You pick what hair style, clothes, skin color, and what name you want. They don't have much choices so do not expect a mountain of clothes to be selectable. You only have a shirt, over shirt, jeans, and shoes which are all plain, no designs, no nothing, however you do get to pick the colors of your clothes.

You start out as a janitor in a building taking a break from work. Shortly after your boss walks up to you and tells you to clean the windows of the building, once you do you get fired. This is where the game begins. Your ex boss gives you chores to do since you are asking to live in an unfinished penthouse for free and you have to go around building skills and repairing water fountains. After you get to go look for a key and get kicked out of the building when you get caught. You find yourself in jail and are questioned. You use the touchscreen to chat with all the characters in the game.

Like each Sims game you have to build your character. You must gain skill points for: Body, Logic, Creativity, Cooking, Mechanical, and Charisma, each which have 10 skill levels. This alone will take you more than 3 hours if you choose to build them on your own, however you do go to school later in the game which helps shorten the time since you buy the skill points instead. The higher you get the more you pay though. You get jobs which pay a lot once you get promoted by building skill points. Unlike the other Sim games the jobs are mini games and you get to work for your buck instead of seeing your Sim drive off for 5 minutes and see the hours pass by.

The only thing I found lame was that you cannot build your own property, but the game gives you good places to purchase and customize with furniture. You can ask people to move in with you who help with the rent and cut it about 50%, unfortunately most say no.

The music in this game are enjoyable and lively (No not lovely). You will listen to Sim Hip Hop, Rock, Techno, and Disco in this game depending on which stereo systems you buy.

Let me just add that for the Game Boy Advance version of Bustin' Out everything I have typed about is present in this game as well.