City livin' for your sims!

User Rating: 8 | The Urbz: Sims in the City PS2
I was really hyped about this one. I wasn't let down by it, but it wasn't sooooo good either. Here's why.

Gameplay: Some things were improved over the past few The Sims games. For example, now, you can wake up when you want, go to work when you want, socialize when you want. Not at time X, Y and Z respectively, in a routine. You can live anywhere, really, not just in your apartment. Hell, you can spend the game without going to said apartment. The social options are really unique, and being friends with certain people unlocks a social interaction. There are plenty to unlock, and you'll spend a good amount of time trying to be friends with anyone and everyone. Watch out for those loading times, though.

Graphics: In this game, the visuals are never dull. You look to one side, colour. Another side, even more colour. Everything's all colorful and shiny, and you'll have a hard time looking away. That applies to the characters, too. Though, too bad the game slows down quite often, probably due to this.

Sound: This is where the game truly shines. Everything you hear is appropriate to where you are. There are different songs for every taste, each according to which urb you're at. It gives the urb the perfect 'feel'. For example, in Neon East, techno songs fit, just look at their outfits and the design of the place! And, of course, we can't forget the Black Eyed Peas soundtrack included...

Replay Value: This doesn't really have a 'replay value', since you can unlock everything in one go... but that 'go' has to be dozens of hours long. It'll keep you hooked.

This is a very good Sims game, that everyone should try out.

Final Score: 7.8 (Approximately 8.0)