Create your character. Choose your style. Work hard. Earn money. Get known. Help others. Travel on time. Save the town.

User Rating: 9 | The Urbz: Sims in the City GBA
Urbz: Sims in the City is certainly a must for Game Boy Advance. In this game, you will have to work all your way to reach the end. The History: Really good. You are an unknown janitor, when suddenly you receive the notice that you are fired. You find out that the Tower you used to clean is now sold to a new man in town. He is planning to buy the whole town and turn it into something new, which would only bring benefit to himself. You are the one who must help the town. You'll face all kind of things while doing your mission, such as vampires, holograms, country brothers, ghosts, travel machines and etc. The Graphics: Of course, the graphics are not perfect. However, they are in a standard level for Game Boy Advance. The character's movements are nice, and also is the scenario.
The Sound: Could be a bit better. But, the way it is, it won't ruin your game. The Gameplay: Nice. The jobs are quite easy to do, you don't have to be pressing "x" buttons at the same time, and it's all easy.

The game, for Game Boy Advance, is near perfect. However, you can find a glitch, and some things could be improved. A really good one!