Not the Sims as we know 'em, but still a fun game.

User Rating: 8.5 | The Urbz: Sims in the City GBA
This game kinda takes off where The Sims Bustin' Out for the GBA left off. In some aspects. Some other Sims, or Urbz as they're called here, vaguely remember you. Others simply don't. And of course there are lotsa new Urbz added to this game.

It's actually just a polished version of Bustin' Out. Creating your character is more detailed in this version than it was before, and that's a plus. There's some new furniture too, and some of the old ones are still there too.

The creation of your Urb has improved in comparison to Bustin' Out. You get to choose between a number of tops now, and by answering some questions at the beginning, the game will decide in which gang you belong. Yup, this game has gangs.

You've got the Richies, who are obviously rich, and more often than not arrogant. Then there's the Streeties, who are the rival gang of the Richies. They're down-to-earth, frank and highly contented with their lives. Yet another gang is called the Nerdies, they're very intellectual and refined, spending their time learning something new. Their rivals, and the last gang, are the Artsies. Their members love art and are all very talented.

I betcha you weren't thinking of those kind of gangs, huh? Anyway, except for the story, being able to take control of a chopper/propelorboat/hoverboard and by exception a time machine, the rest of the game is pretty much like Bustin' Out, check my review of that game if you want to know what I mean.