Too plain to play

User Rating: 5 | The Unfinished Swan PS3
Adults beware: "The Unfinished Swan" seems suited best for children unacquainted with quality bedtime stories and inexperienced with video games. Its mechanics, though promising at first, turn out as remarkably undemanding. Playing is more like turning pages of a draft than actually, well, playing.

Now, if the gaming aspect is weak, at least the story should be intriguing (cf. "Dear Esther"). But while pretending to be charming the narratives remain tame throughout. Some of them are even clumsily implemented in the form of panels scattered across the world, giving you the feeling of attending a paper chase.

The sounds are nice, by the way, some even memorable, but this may be due to the contrast to the simplistic visuals.

BOTTOM LINE: Admittedly, the "The Unfinished Swan" didn't actually bore me. But there is a sneaking suspicion that this has something to do with its astounding brevity.