It is refreshing to see something different amidst the barrels of FPS titles out there these days.

User Rating: 8 | The Unfinished Swan PS3
It is an interesting irony that we live in where we want games that mix things up a bit but then when one rolls along people will often complain about how it's not like their favorite title for X, Y, Z reason. In these cases, creative attempts by developers like these only reinforces the fact that by "difference" what people mean is that they have no real clue what they really want. As a result, risk taking indie developers will go it alone happy with the limited sales knowing that they've put their hearts into something for more than just to turn a profit. I'm happy to support risk takers even if the final result is not a 10-hour romp through a monster infested bog with my choice of favorite killing machine.

With my recent playing of the Battlefield 3 single player campaign I became so frustrated with the level of cliche thrown into that episode that I could barely stomach even finishing it. That's sad when that plus some multiplayer maps requires a hearty $60 payment to get at retail. Yet, people will balk at getting something shorter, cheaper, and does something that can't be compared to just about any game out there. Mind you, they'll find comparisons just to justify complaints. That's fine. I choose to be appreciative.

Overall I enjoyed the effort more than Journey as I particularly appreciated the innovative gameplay mechanic at its base. While it did get a bit repetitive at times the story was generally effective though it's too bad it was not more. This, honestly, is where it seems that some of these indie titles falter. They go over the top doing something different but then some of the important mechanics like storytelling seem to have garnered as much effort. This is not as much a complaint as a perspective.

This title will not be for everyone. For those who want something a little bit different but more serious pick up something like Heavy Rain. It too was a beautiful effort.