After 12 years of playing, Doom is still one of the best games ever!!!!!! ID Software did one of the best jobs ever!!!!!

User Rating: 9.6 | The Ultimate Doom PC
Alright, I'm going to base certain parts of this review (graphics, sound) off of the standards of the time when Doom was released, but the rest, I will base on my past 12 years of playing.

Doom is one of those games, which completely changes the market forever. It unleashed a new level of violence, chaos, and immersive, insane, out of this world experiences.

Doom is also one of those games, which, with the exception of the sequel, can never be matched in greatness.

The sheer number of enemies in a single stage still hasn't been matched, even into today's day and age. The brutal feel of the game, is quite possibly my favorite feeling ever experienced. It's extreme violent nature, and insane level and enemy designs still amaze me to this day.

For back in 1993, Doom's graphics were simply amazing, everything from the weapons, to the enemies, to the lighting were just amazing!

The sound was pretty amazing too, although a little choppy at times, it still made the game even more brutal and addicting.

I paid, I believe around $20 for this game back in 1993, and I can honestly say, I have yet to spend a better $20, and have yet to find any other game that can stay as addicting as day one, after 12 years of play.

So, after 12 years, Doom is still one of my greatest experiences ever, and I expect to be addicted to it for at least 12 more.