DOOM: the game to end all games

User Rating: 10 | The Ultimate Doom PC
One word to u my friend this is the best title ever.
This is the Michael Jackson of gaming no other game will succeed as it did or influence others as it did (just like Michael)
To its fans it is the king (and it really is)
To others it was something important in the past. Now they do not want to listen to its music. Sad isn’t it?
It is the most influencing title.

Blood death demons hellish environments
The very definition of weapons started here
The death matching sickness started here
The imps first appeared here
The ponds of poison
The red scary skies
The screams of monsters
The grunts of imps
The blood all over
That beautiful face (in the lower middle of your screen)
The doom guy the icon
What more can I say……..

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