You type to save the world from the undead. Yes!

User Rating: 7.8 | The Typing of the Dead DC
Horrible voice acting, badly acted campy horror, birds and zombies with claws that attck you unless you TYPE quickly and accurately enough. Some might say this is the best game ever. I don't, simply because I can type perfectly with 57 wpm now and still can't get a job.

Typing of the Dead is simply House of the Dead pre-Uwe Boll, only instead of shooting with a light gun... you type with a light... keyboard. Think Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, only you're running about ruined towns with a keyboard homerowing zombies. Changing targets on the fly is hard to do with the keyboard and you've gotta look at the screen at all times while typing perfectly, but glancing down every now and then won't be the end of the world. I had a nazi typing teacher in High School ragging on me for looking down every now and then. In this game, the worst that'll happen is a zombie claws you and then flashes off screen. Enough of that and you die, you know how it goes.

Set in... zombie-torn... I don't even know. Monsters fly about and kill people and you're there for whatever reason to stop the bad guy in charge and you type a lot. Fast paced and crazy, you feel the pressure of having to type as fast as you can without making any errors. Fun, yes, but also practical and useful if you ever want to complain about not having a job like me. It's weird enough that you just have to try it out.