This is the greatest typing software, EVER! This game makes it fun to type. And that alone makes it worth searchin for.

User Rating: 7.5 | The Typing of the Dead PC
This Game has it all. Zombies. Typing. What more could you want? But Seriously, this game has what no other piece of typing software has; entertainment. Sure, as a game alone, its pretty average. I mean, its House of the Dead with the guns replaced by keyboards. The graphics are decent enough, and the sound is unfiltered House of the Dead cheesiness. But I think the point to stress it that this is the best typing software I've came across. I've been wanting some typing software, but they are too bland, and the typing feels like a chore. With this, I actually wanted to keep playing, trying to improve my 'grade', and of course, eradicate zombies. I recommend this to anyone who hates typing software that offers little in the of fun. Zombies, and typing...who knew!