Kill zombies using your typing skills or just for fun. The faster you type, the faster they die.

User Rating: 8.3 | The Typing of the Dead PC
The first time I played Typing of the Dead was in the arcades. It was really fun holding a gun and just killing every zombie that you see. When I saw this game in the store, I bought it because I really loved the arcade version. I'm a fast typist so I don't really need this to improve my typing skills. However, it doesn't mean that you wouldn't enjoy it if you're not fast at typing. It may sound weird but it's really fun to kill the zombies using your keyboard. You kill them by typing the letters to kill them. It would depend on what level of you choose because as the game gets harder, it would ask you to type phrases then sentences. I admit it was a creative way to enhance one's typing skills. I remembered playing super mario typing tutor game years before and this is much better. I think they just had to improve on some things like the space bar not really that important. While I was playing the game, it doesn't matter if you press the space bar or not if it displays more than 1 word. At first, I assumed that I would have to type it but I accidentally missed it when I typed the first letter of the next word. It did accept it so it could just be a glitch. In summary, a fun action game that will enhance your typing skills.