This is one of my favourite games!

User Rating: 10 | The Temple of Elemental Evil PC
In this game you should create or pic a team of five members, later in the game you'll be able to hire tree more maximum. Then you will go to a town named - Homlet were your adventures will begin. There you will meet many different people. The game alouse you to choose an aunser to the qeastion that the person from the game askes you. You will have missions. For their complection you'll get expeareance that will help you encreace your level. In the game you'll be able to travel all over the map, kill enimies and collect, buy,sell things and armor. tHERE ARE A LOT OF DIFERENT ENDING OF THE GAME. The main vilan- lady of Fungy. Well Enough of talking try it uot and you'll see that it is neet! :)