i started playing again with the co8 v5 patch. it is good that the bugs are gone.

User Rating: 8 | The Temple of Elemental Evil PC
the first time i played i had to restart as it crashed whenever i loaded the game so that was a rather bad start. one patch later and i just had to put up with creatues in the walls and for some reason some of my characters couldnt move in combat, i think they had the bird flu of the greyhawk realm.

the game has the best use of d&d 3rd edition rules. it is how they are actually meant to be played and turn based is so often over looked these days in favour of 1st person shooters and 3rd person.... well shooters in general. i like not having to have my hands on every key on the key board and clicking the mouse wildly like some kids with ADD. it is good to be able to stop and have a drink of tea, coffee or even a beer without the fear of having to go skitzo on the mouse and keyboard again.

got to say well done to the CO8 team. they turned a serious buggy game into something great. i know troika would have liked to have finished it but they had to create other games to keep the money backers happy. thats an angry story for another day i think.